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Information & Links on Lighthouses

Lighthouse links for information, photos, collectibles, and history including the McKay Island Lighthouse

Ontario Outdoor has a package called Step Back in History - Be a Lighthouse Keeper for the McKay Island lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Hunters contains information, books and photos of lighthouses in Canada and the United States. They have visited the McKay Island Lighthouse.  (

Lighthouse Friends contains a great listing of lighthouses in Canada and the United States. The McKay Island Lighthouse is one of the featured lighthouses.

Boatnerd offers a tremendous amount of information on shipping, shipwrecks, lighthouses, etc. of the Great Lakes. It even has a record of the shipwreck of the Bruce Mines near Tobermory.   (

A virtual guide to New England Lighthouses including original photography, history,

HuronLights is a museum of the lighthouses of Lake Huron including a nautical gift shop.